u. B u. & i. b. i   ... Everyone shares a common desire to be the person they want to be, to be living the life they want to live, to leave behind them a better world for their friends and families. As complicated as our world can seem at times, a simple message is often the most profound. We can make our world a better place to be if we agree to take six simple letters to heart;  u. b. u & i. b. i  …. Let everyone know how you feel .. spread the message, be involved,
                                  "u. b. u & i. b. i   ..it’s as simple as that."




Thank you for visiting, The song u.b.u.&i.b.i  is available on CDBaby.com  Please check it out,  just click on the link &  Enjoy your day.  Paul


Window & Bumper Stickers



  Window stickers are 3x3 inches





 bumper stickers are 3x9 inches






 sign language 3x10 bumper sticker



U.B.U. & i.b.i.

Rhetta's Song

See how it Agrees