'The RoadHome' is always been a different path for each of us.  For writers and musicians, finding the right place to live, the right place to perform, the right place to write and share your ideas has always been the hard road to find. But, when you do find the right path, it's like going home.  So, now that you've found your way here, welcome. I will be posting my songs and videos on this website. All these songs will be made available for your personal downloading and listening enjoyment. For any Publishers, recording artists, managers, agents, advertisers, and companies seeking original music opportunities, all songs on this website are available for licensing.   Dare to follow your dreams. I'll be posting new songs for downloads, as well as advertising and Branding ideas along the way. So, as it is with every journey, it begins with the first step.  Join me and I think you'll find some interesting diversions on 'The RoadHome'.


LodeStar Revisited

Rhetta's Song

See how it Agrees

This Oregon Country

The One You Love

I Am A Child