Methane and CO2 have been at much higher levels than they are now, and we still populated this planet. Check records from Ice core samples that established gas levels in past periods in earths history. Climate change is happening do to our planets changing tilt relationship with our sun, and we can't do a thing about that. If you draw a line through the sun that intersects earths orbit on both sides of the sun, if the plane of that line never changes, our climate would only be effected by the rise and fall of the suns radiation output. But, when the plane of that line drops on one side it rises on the other, that movement, which is our natural orbit or "Planetary Tilt' is in fact slowly changing over our planets lifetime. In our past, the sun is finding its way northward and effecting temperatures at both our poles, and thus changing our wind and tide movements. All this other stuff we think is causing climate change is just made up by people who want to use it for political or monetary gains. This information has been around for decades, first thought of hundreds of years ago, and recently put forth by a researcher from Stanford University, but quickly overlooked, as it did not fit the model of climate change research for money that most Universities adhere to. ( Too much grand money for research to prove the popular idea of man-made change). The people on this planet would be better advised to start looking into the ways needed to adapt to the natural changes that are coming if we want to survive.

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