As A employee of a large corporation for 12 years let me give you this prospective.  The IRS tax splits for 2018 As a former business owner of 30 years and someone who signed the front side of paychecks,  and later an look like this, 48% of total tax revenue was from personal income tax,  the top quintile ( those making over $147,000.00 ) paid 66% of all personal taxes collected, the top 1% of those paid 25% of all tax revenues collected.  35% of all tax revenue came from payroll taxes.  8% from estate tariffs, and other taxed items. 9% came from corporations.  So lets review the how this works, Corporations and private companies are responsible for providing  millions of jobs, and most likely your job.  As the business owner you are responsible to for your employee’s payroll deductions based on the number of deductions each employee has the right to claim. Most employee’s claim enough deductions to cover the state and federal taxes they will owe, as well as the Social Security and Medicare taxes they will owe so they will have no taxes owed each year.  In fact most employee’s claim enough deductions so they will get a tax return each year from the state and federal government.  So as the business owner, I will be responsible through my payroll taxes to pay those taxes you would owe at a minimum of quarterly installments to the state and federal government.  I will also have to pay my own personal income taxes each year.  My company/private or corporation is given the ability to reinvest pre-tax income back into the business as capital improvements and claim those expenses on my tax returns, thus allowing me to expand and upgrade my business which allows me to hire more employee’s and provide more jobs for people.  On top of those expenses, Healthcare and retirement programs are provided with pre-tax income to my employee’s that I can claim as tax deductions as well.  So my company has to make enough money to cover all of these costs, as well as workmen’s comp. liability coverages.  Yes, I would be paying more taxes if I could not deduct those expenses on my tax returns, but then each of my employee’s would be having to pay their own higher taxes on income, medical care, and liability insurances. So the bottom line is the corporate tax rate includes the payroll tax revenues of 35% and the 9% corporate tax revenues totaling 44% of taxes collected by the government.  So just setting your sights on the corporate tax rate as an issue to say that they are not paying their fair share is an uninformed, and misunderstood concept espoused by many people who use your gullibility to further their agendas. It’s better to stick to protesting things you have thought through and have better clarity on, than to follow the fake news of the day.

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