A sparrow came to lite today

 In a tattered willow by the bay

 I sat and watched with hope concerned

 From a sparrow there is so much to learn




The carpet is moving   the walls are fading,   The roof is floating

 The bed is sinking

The pillow is listening, the air is smiling

 The night is laughing, the music is quiet

 The colors are blending

 The end is ending, ending, and ending

 You are, they are, am I, I am, you have, they have

 I have……. Have I………. really


 __________3_______                                                                                                                                                                        The end of a long and desperate day 



 There are so many sides to a circle


If there were no sky or no ground

 If there were no movement or sound

 If there were nothing in the way to go around


 If there were no up and no down

 If there were no cause to keep you duty bound

 If there were no meanings to smiles or frowns

 If there was only love to be found



 Truth thru knowledge

 Peace thru understanding

 Love thru friendship

 Freedom thru giving



 Words on paper that’s all I write

 They come out of my head

 Then they disappear from sight

 Sometimes I wonder if they’ll ever be read

 Or if anyone listens to a word I’ve said


 Isn’t hate strange

 A word that causes pain

 With disregard for reason

 Having nothing to believe in

 Without a hand to hold

 Inside you feel alone

 ‘Cause its harder to love than hate

 To help out than walk away

 To talk instead of cry

 To live instead of die




And the mountain stood under the man and was told, you have been mastered.  We have meant soul to soul, and I man have lifted my hand to touch the air above you, therefore you are less than I.  While I stand upon you, I will ride you into the sky and no other shall know this place but I.The mountain was quit. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last that this thing called ‘Man’ will claim himself the victor. Thus the mountain will not reach out to do battle with the man, but Man will choose to do battle with the mountain.  The mountain only offers choices to make, some hold firm footing, others will crumble under the unwise decision.  The mountain is not kind or unkind, and will not consider victory or defeat.  It simply ‘is’



 It seems my colors are made up from you

 It all depends on what you do

 The greys, the greens and sometimes the blues

 It makes me wonder when days are done

 What is the color of love




Lovers and friends

 From now until when

 Daydreams and memories of the way we were then

 I remember all the first times

 Over and over again

 And the many ways we needed

 What we both wanted to give


Husbands and wives

 Together and alone

 All of the children                                                                                                                                                                             Still your babies when they’re grown

 Remember the good times

 The dances and shows

 The comfortable quiet on the long road home

 Ending and beginning

 Is there no other way

 The light always fades and shows up the next day

 I remember the last days and all that was said

 And the many ways we needed to know we were friends



 Every minute for an hour

 Every hour for a day

 Every day for a daydream

 Every daydream has its day


A drop a water to a river every river to a sea

 Every sea to a season every season has its fee

 Every rainbow from a sunbeam

 Every sunbeam from the sun


Every sun from a universe

 Every universe moves as one

 Every friendship comes from trusting

 Every trusting comes from love


Every love has its meanings

 Every meaning never comes

 Every one has they’re reasons

 Every reason is hard to see


Every treasure its discovery

 Each discovery holds a key

 Every key for a doorway

 Every doorway from your youth


Every child growing closer

 Ever closer to the truth


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