See how it Agrees

Paul Lemoine
Paul Lemoine


Agrees is a Pop To Country ballad leaning to country on this version. Male voice. It is available as a single voice/guitar version, an instrumental  as a solo guitar or full band 


See how it Agrees;         by Paul Lemoine

Baby won’t you stay with me

& we’ll see how it agrees

to see a morning sunrise together

being lovers has it’s charms                   like waking up inside your arms

& seeing a morning sunrise together

    ‘cause it don’t feel right

    to love you and then leave you lying

    in a lonely bedroom                                      

  it don’t feel right at all

  ‘cause when our love is warm I want to

   hold you all night in my arms

   to never ever let you go

   to be the lover you’ve been waiting for

So baby won’t you stay with me

Let’s take a chance and see

How a morning sun rises together


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