You can be the shoe if you've got the sole

Paul Lemoine
Paul Lemoine


Written originally as a tennis shoe ad, but could be used for any shoe ad.  There is a second verse for Golf Clubs.  This idea is part of a broader ad program. [ I can provide details if wanted]


 Shoe’s with the soul c2011   

Writer..Paul Lemoine; bmi

You can be a shoe..if you’ve got the sole

You can be on a’ve just got to give it your all

When the talking’s finally over..& it’s time to  take the test yes

You line up and just do it..and you give it your best

You can be a shoe..if you’ve got the soul

Converse with the sole


You can be the club if you’ve got the swing

You bring it down on the sweet spot

Just to listen to the ping

Further farther faster, no other club compares

It ain’t bragging if you can do it

Any time any where, you can be the club if you

Have the swing, Wilson’s gottem,

Clubs that can swing

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